Pentrade keeps a wide and attractive assortment of premium brands as well as value-for-money alternatives on stock.

Making us your reliable partner for all popular duty-free brands.

Setting the course in Duty Free



‘We are an ambitious family-owned Rotterdam company, as reflected in the way we do business. Now and in the future. A hands-on, no-nonsense company where our customers and their needs always come first. For two generations now, our personal approach has been both our driving force and the source of our success.

We “ACT” – Actively Create Together !!

Company info

Pentrade was established in 1979 in the port of Rotterdam as a duty-free wholesaler, with its own bonded warehouse of 8000 square metres. Through shipchandlers Pentrade supplies cargo vessels and other ocean going vessels. Through 4 Cruise Supply we supply a wide group of cruise liners. Over the years Pentrade has also successfully extended its business into other duty-free markets such as airlines, military camps, UN organizations, border shops and various diplomatic communities abroad.



Our course

Our course

Pentrade has been a duty-free wholesaler since 1979. From spirits to wine, from home and personal care to cosmetics, and from ambient foods to tobacco. Our range of Premium brands and value-for-money alternatives is diverse. We operate with our own bonded warehouses and transport facilities, so we can react quickly and flexible to special requests or urgent orders.
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Pentrade is an Authorised Economic Operator ( AEO certified) and reliable in the context of customs related operations and concerning security and safety controls. An AEO certificate, provides either an easier access to customs simplifications, or, it entitles the holder to facilitations concerning security and safety controls.